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About SAWiE

SAWiE is offering data driven solutions to farmers to better manage their farms independently. SAWiE solutions are empowered by remote sensing tools which include  Earth Observation and ground based sensors that are adapted to meet the needs of all farm types, especially smallholder farms. It will help to improve crop productivity, yield and gain better returns on investment and to prepare for fluctuating weather conditions

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop satellite and sensors based on agronomy, advice to farmers with real-time field information and make informed decisions. It can also be used to compare the growth of fields and identify stressed plants/ poor growing patches for taking remedial actions. Aiming the monitoring of crops in smallholder agriculture systems by combining  Satellite imagery, AI, advanced methods and computing to assure. Maximum profitability, improved efficiency and precise agriculture.

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SAWiE As An Advisory Tool

SAWIE’s advisory tool, guides farmers for optimum use of  inputs at the right stage, starting from the early stage of crop sowing to harvesting. The longer term weather forecasts and other tools will help farmers to choose appropriate measures to minimise the risk from climate change, causing droughts, floods and disease risk.  Helping farmers in making informed decisions and implication of inputs only when required. This helps to reduce the wastage of inputs especially water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This helps to optimise efficiency on farms without compromising the environment. 

The SAWiE tested tools rely on remotesening using global data resources while data  collection is carried out using novel and innovative data sensing techniques that includes Earth Observation/Satellites observation, drones, imaging, sensors, GIS covering small farms. The data is processed through innovative data mining techniques including AI and Machine Learning then is aligned with the prominent crop modelling tools that includes AquaCrops and other open source models etc. Providing satellite based precision agronomy sawie  promotes sustainable agronomy by impacting  the social, economical and environmental Aspects, hence trying to achieve  UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Supportive Tool

SAWiE is very much supportive of individual farmers' data privacy and will be only developing tools that provide anonymous information about a village, region and bigger area. The corporate clients includes the governments, donor agencies, agritech industry, supplier, food supply chain and financial sector players that includes banks and insurance industry.

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